Hospital Plan That Covers All Medical Expenses:

As you know a hospital aid do not cover out-of-hospital expenses, in other words when you visit a GP or the dentist, you cannot pay their bills with your hospital plan. This type of coverage you use to pay huge medical bills like surgery, maternity and treatments like chemo.

If you want a coverage that settle hospital and out of hospital bills, then you need to get a medical aid schemes [], which will do both. And these schemes will let you make an additional payment when you have to get hospital treatments.

If you just want all related things with hospital cover, like surgery or a nurse for home treatment, then a hospital plan would be the best option. This will cover all the huge medical bills a person can get, Visiting a GP and receive medication is not nearly as expensive as going to a hospital for treatment.

This make sure you know which plan you want, and speak to a broker about it.